How Recommender Systems Are Transforming Online Shopping

It used to be necessary for knowledgeable salespeople to be present in actual shops so that consumers could get product recommendations. but no more. Today’s recommender systems serve as virtual salesmen, guiding online buyers through the product selection, offering suggestions based on past searches and indicated preferences, and generally improving the online buying experience. The … Read more

Technology Is Changing Our Behavior in 5 Weird Ways

Human behaviour is significantly being impacted by emerging technologies. Here are five key ways technology is affecting how we behave: 1. It Can Detect Human Emotion The most potent methods that artificial intelligence and its applications are developing include understanding and responding to human emotion via computer vision. Up until recently, recommendation engines—which examine everyday … Read more

Four Technologies Transforming M2M

The machine-to-machine (M2M) industry would be worth $376 billion by 2032, according to researchers at Future Market Insights Blog. The same organisation calculates that $336 billion will be the entire amount from 2016 to 2021. The market for this kind of network is expanding quickly, according to the figures. Additionally, as businesses look to the … Read more

How AI Can Ensure High-Quality Data

It’s no longer a secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be a crucial tool for businesses. That’s because it can extract informational nuggets from massive volumes of data that first seem to be unconnected. However, early users of AI are beginning to understand that feeding AI random data is a certain way … Read more

How Agile Techniques Can Reduce Time to Market

The ability to respond swiftly and change course when necessary is essential for corporate success. A key statistic for gauging your progress in this area is time to market (TTM). TTM essentially explains how businesses recognise market demands and how rapidly they meet those demands. You must use the Agile technique if you want to … Read more

Five Financial Advantages of Cloud Computing

The fastest-growing kind of online computing is called cloud computing. It eliminates the hassle of shelling out significant sums for on-premise equipment, storage, and software licences, often referred to as “the cloud.” Data may be kept off-site on the cloud, so businesses don’t have to worry about finding room for servers or making improvements. The … Read more

Cybersecurity Dashboards: Three Developments Fueling Development

Awareness current best practises and approaches for securing networks and data requires an understanding of the development of cybersecurity dashboards. In some ways, it’s ironic that more “data about data,” as some experts jokingly refer to metadata, will protect important data assets like customer identifiers and trade secrets, but in actuality, having the right raw … Read more

The 5G era will transform five industries in radical new ways.

The potential for real-time communication is increased by the expectation that 5G networks would provide far more data much faster than 4G. In addition to distant data transmission, the implications of this capacity include new degrees of automation that have the potential to significantly improve many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, and agriculture. (Read … Read more

Distributing Web-Scale Network Attributes: Hyperscale for the Masses

Enterprises today face chaotic situations akin to those experienced by Internet web-scale businesses, also known as hyperscalers, in the year 2010 when bursty and distributed traffic exploded and choked their data infrastructure. These situations are brought on by the Internet of Things (IoT), a variety of data stores with structured and unstructured data, and X-Reality … Read more